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API Studio

Website Design

UX | IXD | Information Architecture

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Project Overview
API Studio is a tool designed to host ready to integrate API solutions. There were over 15 unique APIs that needed to be presented to the users in a structured manner. In addition, the designs needed to be visually appealing.
Persona Creation

Stakeholder interviews were conducted to identify the users for the tool. Based on this, three user personas were created whose roles were Business Manager, Product Manager & Director.

Information Architecture & Site Map
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The landing page of the Aurra Tools Marketplace is designed to provide a visually appealing and intuitive user interface that highlights the key features and benefits of the API tools available.

Hero Section
Visually appealing hero section with elegant colours and a CTA to take the users to API solutions page

Incorporating testimonials or reviews from satisfied users can instill trust and credibility. These testimonials may highlight the positive experiences and benefits gained from using the API tools available on the marketplace.

Featured Solutions

This sections helps the user find the top solutions that the tool has to offer allowing users to get to the most important solutions faster.

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