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I'm Anup, product designer currently working at Nagarro, previously Carelon

I’m a UX designer with rich experience in Industrial Design and background in Engineering.

My objective as a designer is to conceptualise and craft experiences that enrich the journey of user throughout the product lifecycle. 

AI Based Customer Review Portal

Web-tool Design

HCD for AI | IXD | Associate Experience

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Design of a Tracking Portal

Web-tool Design

Research | IXD | UX Design

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Health Chatbot

Designing chatbot for large organisations 

Conversational Design | Chatbot Design


Sense Maker

Web-tool Design

HCD for AI | IXD | UX

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Design Operations

In addition to my other skillsets and responsibilities, I actively promote the importance of DesignOps and its relevance in the landscape of design-focused workplaces.


As someone who has led DesignOps strategies in my prior role, I bring unique set of expertise to the table.

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Awards and Recognitions 

I'm truly thankful for every award recognizing my UX design work. Each one reminds me of the teamwork and passion in every project. I appreciate the chances to learn and improve, and I'm committed to pushing innovation forward.

Member AiOps
Team building and DesignOps
Member AiOps
ASM and Pratilipi
DesignOps-Reviewer Role
Spectrum 2.0 UI

Everything Else



UX Design| Design Thinking | Service Design

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API Studio

Information Architecture | Ixd | Visual Design 

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Haq Darshak

Service Design

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